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36 Month Step CD Summer

36 Month Step CD and IRA

When you commit to keeping your funds with Union Bank for a defined period of time, we reward you with our highest interest rates.

Our new 36 month Step-Up to Summer CD and IRA special is  attractively offered with rates that step up to an amazing 4.0%  in year three with an overall Annual Percentage Yield of 2.62%.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) keep your funds on deposit for an agreed length of time. Call us for details at 800.753.4343 or stop by one of our branch locations to learn more about the Step-Up CD and IRA offering.

Rate Information

The interest rate will step-up to a new rate every 12 months. Once the CD is opened, the rate will automatically increase at each 12 month interval.

StandardAdvantageEarly Withdrawal Penalty*
Year 11.50%1.60%18 months’ interest
Year 22.25%2.35%12 months’ interest
Year 34.00%4.10%6 months’ interest
Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
for the term of the CD/IRA

Minimum Balance Requirement: $25,000

Advantage rates apply for customers enrolled in our Advantage Checking or Advantage Checking Plus programs.

* Withdrawals of Principal from IRA CDs are allowed, however IRS penalties may also apply. These penalties may be waived for individuals over 59½.

Interest rate accurate as of 4/6/18. Interest compounded daily. Automatic renewal at maturity to the interest rate in effect for a 36 month CD, unless directed otherwise. Municipal funds are not eligible for this offer. Minimum $25,000 to open and obtain APY (Annual Percentage Yield). No deposits after account opening. Early withdrawal penalties apply.