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Update On Vermont’s New Law Addressing Credit Card Machine Leasing

When it comes to acquiring credit card processing equipment, small businesses can feel overwhelmed by choice and conflicting information. When business owners lease credit card machines, some end up feeling like they overpaid or didn’t get the level of service they were promised. That’s why Vermont’s new law to regulate credit card machine leasing is […]

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The Home Buyer’s Guide To New Construction In Northern New Hampshire

The Granite State may be small, but within its borders are 18 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, the highest mountain summit in the Northeast, and a population known for its independence. New Hampshire residents enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and water sports as well as cultural pursuits. No wonder U.S. News & World […]

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Securing Devices by Making Simple Changes

I’m connected. You’re connected. We’re all connected! We are more connected than ever before. According to ABI Research, there will be over 30 billion devices connected on the Internet by 2020. Today, our everyday devices are connected to the world including laptops, mobile phones, fitness trackers, smart televisions, home security systems, thermostats, and refrigerators. Additionally, […]

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Ultimate Guide To Small Business Loans, Grants, And Resources For Women In Vermont

Women-owned businesses are crucial to the growth of Vermont’s economy. According to recent figures from Vermont’s Commission on Women, there are 23,417 women-owned businesses in the Green Mountain State, with a total of 36,326 employees and approximately $2.2 billion in annual revenue between them. However, women still don’t run businesses at the same rate as […]

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Tips For Avoiding Tax Season Scams

Falling victim to a tax scam is perhaps one of the biggest things Americans wish to avoid more than tax season itself. While tax filing software and electronic submission of returns have made it easier to settle your bill with the IRS, cyber criminals will try to take advantage of taxpayers. Methods of tax return […]

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How To Avoid Scams During The Olympics

Few events bring the whole world together like the Olympics. Every two years we send our best athletes to compete on the most prestigious international stage.  Unfortunately, excitement and pride are not the only things that unite Olympics spectators at home and in the stands. You are also a potential target for Internet scammers looking […]

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