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Charitable Giving Scams: How To Protect Yourself From Fraud

Americans are generous in spirit, often seeking to help those who have fallen on hard times. Whether it’s the neighbor whose home was destroyed by fire or those made homeless after a major storm, we like to know how we can help. Local, national, and international charities spread the gift of kindness by delivering much-needed […]

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Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Picks Up Steam

Technology advances, new industries replace the old, and towns change accordingly. In Northern Vermont, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is an example of positive transformation. The landscape may look different, but the community that binds people together is as strong as ever. As a community bank since 1891, Union Bank is excited to support this […]

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5 Common Security Mistakes People Make When Shopping Online And How To Avoid Them

The holiday shopping season is here and local businesses across Vermont and New Hampshire are ready to help with all of your seasonal needs. When residents support small businesses and local stores, the whole community benefits. As in years past, more people will do some or all of their gift buying online. This is a […]

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How Can You Protect Yourself From Identity Theft? 5 Easy Steps To Take Right Now

Major data breaches have become almost routine. Where does all of that stolen information go? You may have heard of the “dark web,” which sounds like a plot point in the latest science fiction novel, but is actually a hidden part of the Internet where your personal and financial information can be bought and sold. […]

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How To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

From Yahoo to Equifax, there have been many high profile cyber security stories in the news recently. When you learn that hackers have stolen customer data from large companies, you may worry that your information is exposed, but have no idea what steps to take to protect yourself. Social media is a great place to […]

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Which Payment Types Should Your Small Business Accept?

Once there were two main payment methods: cash and check. Today, the options are more varied, and businesses feel pressure to keep up with the latest technology in order to give customers the convenience they desire. While large companies have plenty of staff to help them analyze and implement new payment types, as well as […]

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