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How To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

From Yahoo to Equifax, there have been many high profile cyber security stories in the news recently. When you learn that hackers have stolen customer data from large companies, you may worry that your information is exposed, but have no idea what steps to take to protect yourself. Social media is a great place to […]

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Which Payment Types Should Your Small Business Accept?

Once there were two main payment methods: cash and check. Today, the options are more varied, and businesses feel pressure to keep up with the latest technology in order to give customers the convenience they desire. While large companies have plenty of staff to help them analyze and implement new payment types, as well as […]

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Are You a “Cash Only” Business? 3 Reasons to Reconsider

The goal of every small business is growth and increased profitability. There are many ways to reach those goals, but the most common way is by reaching and retaining new clients. So why do some small business owners ignore their customers’ needs? As more people use debit cards, credit cards with points or cash-back rewards, […]

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How Much Money Do You Really Need to Buy a House in Vermont?

Your first home purchase will be one of the bigger events of your life. Often, your home purchase is the result of several factors that are both emotional and practical. It’s a commitment to your chosen hometown or to where you grew up if you decided not to relocate. Feeling confident enough to buy a […]

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Vermont & New Hampshire First-Time Homebuyer & Affordable Housing Programs Guide

So you’re ready to buy a home! Beyond the challenge of finding the perfect place in which to spend the next stage of your life, you also have to navigate the complicated process of financing such a big purchase. Potential homeowners, especially first-time buyers, often face other challenges: getting enough money together for a down […]

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