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Term Loans in VT and NH

Make your business more productive with a Union Bank Term Loan to finance new equipment and other major investments. Whether you need a new bulldozer or better customer-management software, we can help you find a loan with competitive rates and terms. Factor in the value of hassle-free processing, local decision-making and quick turnaround time, and you can see why a local loan just makes more sense.

What is a term loan?

Commercial term loans are typically used to purchase equipment or other business assets. Term loans usually have variable interest rates, with monthly payments and are amortized over a term ranging from one to ten years.
The loan amount, term and interest rate is tailored to the needs of your business. Your lender will partner with you to ensure that the terms of the loan meets your needs.

Competitive rates and flexible repayment schedules

As a local term loan lender, Union Bank is invested in your community and we want to see your business succeed. We offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms based on your business’s unique needs and situation. Our local commercial lending team has expertise and understanding of the business environment in your area, which allows us to see your business as more than just a set of numbers. Once you discover our personalized service, we’re confident you won’t want to keep shopping around for other term loan lenders.

How can term loans benefit my business?

When you want to make a big investment in the long-term growth of your business, a term loan is a helpful way to finance new equipment, a hiring burst, an additional vehicle, and other major investments. You can free up your cash flow for other purposes while the new asset pays for itself with the added business or productivity it creates.

There are also accounting and tax benefits–the interest you pay on your term loan is tax deductible and the consistent payments make it easier to budget.

Stay local. Go far.

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, Union Bank has 2 loan centers in Newport and South Burlington, Vermont, and 18 local VT and NH branch offices. In every location you’ll experience our friendly, knowledgeable, and convenient service as we help you identify the right financial solutions for your business.

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Commercial Loan Application

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