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Stormy clouds over lake announcing 2020 Calendar Photo Contest

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By submitting this form, I agree that I am over the age of 18, or under the age of 18 with a parent or guardian’s signature. I have read the contest guidelines and rules and affirm that this entry is in compliance with them. I understand that Union Bank assumes no responsibility for the photographs submitted. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining signed model releases for any photos submitted that contain recognizable individuals, especially children, and that I may be asked to provide copies of those releases if my photo is selected as a winner. I agree that Union Bank retains the right to use the winning photographs in any advertising and/or promotion it deems suitable, including the 2020 Union Bank Calendar, advertisements, or on its website. Additionally, I certify that the photograph, in its entirety, is a piece of original material taken by myself, the contest entrant.