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Digital Banking Upgrade

Digital Banking Security Upgrade March 30, 2021

Union Bank will be implementing a security upgrade to our online and mobile banking system this morning, on Tuesday, March 30. This upgrade enhances the security infrastructure for our digital banking customers when logging in to their account(s). The upgrade offers an additional layer of security to help block malicious attempts to access your account.

Please note that the upgrade requires customers to install an updated version of the (UB2GO) Union Bank mobile app which embeds the necessary security to help defend against credential stuffing attacks.

All  banking customers using the UB2GO mobile app will need to also update the required operating system on their smartphones once the upgrade is complete in order to access their digital banking accounts.

If your phone is set to automatically update apps when new versions become available, then no action is required on your part. Otherwise, please download and install the latest version of UB2GO from the Apple or Google Play Store .

Current UB2Go Mobile App Operating Requirements:
Android Users: 7 or later
iOS Users: 12 or later 

Note: If your phone has not automatically updated your app, you will see a message from us when logged-in, asking you to please update once the upgrade is complete.

Call us at 800.753.4343. Our Customer Care Team can answer any questions you have about the March 30th upgrade.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we enhance your digital banking experience.

What Are Credential Stuffing Attacks?

Basically, a hacker (who may have learned the user name from a data breach at some other business such as (Facebook, Zoom or Walgreens) tries as many times as they can to figure out your password, usually with an automated system, until they either lock your account or gain access. Cybercriminals are often successful when people reuse the same username and password across multiple sites.

Credential stuffing attacks are very common and often target banking customers.

Best Practices to Protect Yourself:

Please call us at 800.753.4343 with questions.