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Digital Banking Upgrade

Digital Banking Upgrade

We have made new enhancements to our digital banking platform.

You will notice the overall look and feel of the platform has not changed substantially, however some screens in some sections may look slightly different and offer enhanced navigation options and functionality.

Accountholder Enhancements

Cash Management Enhancements

Mobile Users:

Our mobile app (UB2GO) has an updated version to reflect the new system enhancements. If you have “auto-update” selected on your device, you will find the updated UB2Go app installed on your phone. For those without the “auto-update” function, you will need to manually update the app.

The updated UB2GO app version is 5.6.16.

Digital Banking Requirements – Hardware/Software/Browser

Our Digital Banking experience offers many innovative features and functionality that requires the latest versions of your preferred web browser to function at its best. We have provided a dedicated web page that describes the recommended hardware, software and browser support when using Union Bank’s digital banking system.

Digital Banking Requirements

 We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions contact our Customer Care Team at 800.753.4343

Thanks  for choosing Union Bank. We hope you’ll enjoy the great features and benefits of our digital banking system.