Union Bank

General FAQs

  1. What is the bank’s routing number?

    The bank’s routing number is: 011601100

  2. How do I notify the bank of a change in my address?

    If you are enrolled in online banking, you can easily change your address by selecting the Address Change option within  the Settings tab within Online Banking. Otherwise, you may complete and sign our Change of Address form and return it to Union Bank, P.O. Box 667, Morrisville, VT 05661-0667, or stop by your local Union Bank branch for assistance.



  3. How do I activate my new Debit card?

    You can either perform a Personal Identification Number (PIN) based transaction or call our activation number, 800.992.3808.

  4. How do I change my Debit Card Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

    Please call  800.992.3808.

  5. How do I report a lost/stolen debit card? What if the bank is closed?

    If your debit card is lost/stolen or if you notice fraudulent transactions, please immediately contact Union Bank at 800.753.4343 or 800.472.3272 for lost/stolen service. For reporting fraud or a lost card after Union Bank business hours, contact our 24-hour fraud watch service at 833.337.6075. International Callers: 616.564.5105.

  6. How do I track recent activity on my account?

    Access your accounts via mobile banking, online banking, or via telephone banking1. at 800.583.2869. During business hours, you can visit us at any of our convenient branches, or call our main number, at 802.888.6600 or toll free 800.753.4343 to speak with someone who can put you through to your local branch.

  7. How do I sign up for Online Banking?

    You can enroll in online banking by visiting any  page on our website. Visit UBLOCAL.COM and select the “Sign Up” link from the Online Banking login box in the upper right corner of the page. You will need to create a login ID and know your primary account number to fill out the form.

    You must be enrolled in Online Banking before you can access the UB2Go mobile app.
    Please note that for Business Accounts, customers will need to call or visit a branch in person to establish online banking.

  8. How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

    It’s easy to enroll in Bill Pay. Just log in to your account and click the “Bill Pay” link to access the short enrollment form.

  9. What are eStatements and how do I sign up for them?

    An eStatement is an electronic version of your paper statement. ‘eStatements allow you to view up to 36 months’ worth of statements online from the first day you sign up. Go to the eStatement menu option in Online Banking and use the drop down menu in the Preferences tab to select ‘electronic’ for the statement delivery method.

  10. How do I set up direct deposit?

    Your employer will help you set up direct deposit. Ask your payroll administrator for the necessary paperwork required to initiate receipt of your paycheck by direct deposit. You generally need to supply a voided check for the receiving account.

  11. How many branches/ATMs do you have, and where are they located?

  12. Which branches have Saturday hours?

  13. What is overdraft protection and how do I get it?

    Personal Overdraft Protection (POP) is a line of credit that protects you from the fees associated if your Union Bank checking account falls below zero. Download a POP Loan Application, or pick one up at any of our branches.

  14. What is the VIP option and is it available for my account?

    Our optional VIP (Value Integrated Package) is a great add-on to any UB Checking, UB 55 or NOW checking account. For just $4 per month, you can supercharge your account’s features with additional benefits, including overdraft protection, money orders, ScoreCard Rewards bonus points, and more.

  15. How do I order/reorder checks?

    You can reorder checks directly from the Harland website, or at your local branch.

  16. What is check safekeeping?

    Check safekeeping is a service offered by banks to store the checks you write from your account as images, usually on microfilm, rather than mailing the physical checks back to you with your monthly statements. This saves the bank — and ultimately the consumer — the cost of returning checks in the mail. A detailed accounting of your checks appears on your statement. You may also request images of your checks (usually 4 checks to a page) to be mailed back with your statement, or access check images within Online Banking.

  17. What is Union Bank's stock symbol?

    Union Bankshares is the holding company for Union Bank and is traded under UNB on NASDAQ. Click here to learn more about Union Bankshares.

  18. What is your funds availability policy?

    Our policy is to make deposits available to you on the first business day after the day that we receive your deposit. Electronic direct deposits will be available to you on the day we receive the deposit. The following information displays the varied cut-off times by means of deposit:

    Branch Office –  Closing time of the Branch,  Monday- Friday
    Transfers by Online Banking, Mobile App or Telephone- 5 PM
    Mobile Check Deposit- 5 PM
    ATM Deposit- 2PM

    Please remember that deposited checks are your responsibility. If the check you deposit is returned “unpaid” for any reason, the amount of the check will be deducted from your account balance, even if we have made the funds available to you.

    Our full Funds Availability Policy is available upon request and at any branch location.

  19. I'm moving away, can I keep my banking accounts with Union Bank?

    Given today’s technology, there is no reason to change banks when you move due to retirement, have a job change, start college, or head south for the winter. It’s simpler and more convenient to maintain the banking relationship you already have with Union Bank. Here are the reasons why- Moving Away? We Can Move With You!