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Make investing simple / Grow your wealth with Union Bank's easy-to-use investment app

Make Investing Simple

Start investing in your future today.

Grow your wealth with Union Bank’s easy-to-use investment app.

Our innovative investment application seamlessly integrates right into our online banking platform, providing simple, quick and direct access to a digital investment product.

We know that investing can sometimes feel complex and overwhelming. This investment app was specifically designed to be an easy-to-use, personalized investment tool to grow your wealth, no matter what experience level you have with investing. Whether you’re saving for a house, college, retirement or just for something fun, you’ll have access to diverse investment options.

Endless opportunities for growth

Simple investments start here.

To get started, just log into the Union Bank app and scroll down to the “investments” tile directly under the home icon. Follow a series of prompts and questions, and within minutes you’ll be on your way to investing! To learn more about our investment app, watch our video:

Investment App Video Thumbnail

We’ve also published a blog post, Unraveling the Mysteries of Complex Investment Terms- A Guide for Real People to help cut through some of the confusion of investing.

As a reminder, like other investment vehicles, investments in Union Bank’s investment app are not bank guaranteed or FDIC insured and may lose value.

Union Bank's Investment App FAQs

  1. How does our investment app work?

    Union Bank’s investment app is simple to set up. The app takes your responses to questions about risk tolerance, motivation for investing and areas of interest to design an investment portfolio for you. No other effort is required on your part.

  2. Do you provide investment advice?

    No. However, our investment app is designed to provide you with a portfolio suited to your risk tolerance and interests. Union Bank do not provide investment advice with this service.

  3. Are My Investments Insured?

    No. Unlike traditional bank deposits, non-deposit investments are not insured by the FDIC; are not deposits or other obligations of Union Bank and are not guaranteed by Union Bank; and, are subject to investment risks, including loss of the principal invested.

  4. How do I start?

    You must have a Union Bank checking or savings account and be enrolled in online or mobile banking.

  5. What is the minimum investment?

    It’s only a minimum of $10 to start. You can also set up recurring transfers into your Union Bank investment app.

  6. What does it cost?

    A small fee, as a percentage of your assets (0.50%), will be automatically deducted from customers’ portfolio every month. For example, a $10,000 investment portfolio will be charged $4.17 per month.

  7. Statements and notices

    Investment account funding will indicate Alpaca Securities in the ACH transaction.

  8. Can I buy stock in Union Bankshares?

    Yes. The ticker symbol for Union Bankshares is UNB.

  9. What happens if I no longer want to use the investment app?

    You can liquidate your holdings in our investment app at any time and the balance will transfer back to your Union Bank account. Note that liquidating any of your investments will generally trigger a taxable event.

  10. What happens if I no longer want to see the investment app tile in the mobile application?

    Contact Customer Care or send a secure message through the digital banking application.

  11. Don’t we offer customers investment services?

    While our Wealth Management Team provides clients with investment strategies and products, Union Bank’s investment app offers a product that is accessible to those who may not be able to meet the net worth levels of our Wealth Management clients. This investment tool for the masses!