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Customize Your Debit Card!

U-Design Debit Card Service

Get Creative and Design Your U-Design Debit Card Today!

Union Bank U-Design Debit Card Service is available to customers with an open personal checking account in good standing. U-Design is only available for consumer debit cards (and not WorldCards or Business debit cards). Using our easy design tool, you can customize your Union Bank Debit MasterCard with your favorite photo, or choose an image from our online gallery for a $10 processing fee. The $10 processing fee is waived for customers  in our Advantage Banking or VIP Programs.


  1. Please review the Terms and Conditions and Image Guidelines regarding this service before using the design tool.
  2. Using the U-Design Debit Card Service design tool,  choose a photo from our online gallery or upload your personal photo
  3. You can resize, flip, or rotate the photo for best fit
  4. Click “next” to preview how your card will look
  5. Click “next” to enter your personal information
  6. Click Submit

That’s all it takes! Your new card will arrive in 2 weeks



A Union Bank U-Design debit card is subject to the following terms and conditions:


Please do not submit images that contain the following:

Note: This list is not exclusive. MasterCard, at its sole discretion, retains the right to reject any submitted image not meeting image guidelines. You will be notified by email within two business days if your image does NOT meet the above guidelines. If your image is rejected, we invite you to submit an alternative image.

For more information contact our Customer Care Team:
802.888.6600 | Toll-free 800.753.4343
Monday- Thursday 8AM-5PM | Friday 8AM-6PM

Accept Terms & Conditions and Launch U-Design Tool

U-Design FAQs