Union Bank

Service Fees

The following list outlines our current charges for various financial services. Please contact our Customer Care Center if you have any questions or need further information.

SERVICE FEESEffective June, 2022
Account early closing (within 120 days of opening)$30
Account research ($10 minimum)$25/hr.
ATM cash withdrawal (non-Union Bank/non-Allpoint ATM)$3.00
ATM replacement card$15
Bank bag:
Bill Pay- transactions in excess of 25 per month$0.50/ea.
Cashed check (non-customer)$10
Check collection:
Outgoing, non-customercost + $20
Counter checks, single page of four$2,50
Excess transaction fee (on savings and money market accounts exceeding 6 per statement cycle)$5/ea.
Canadian CurrencyNo Fee
Other Foreign Currency:
transactions below $300 USD$30
transactions above $300 USD$20
Inactivity fee (accounts with < $100 balance and no activity of 120 days)$3/mo.
IRA transfer fee$25
Levy, garnishment & other legal process (min.)$125
Notary service (non-customer)$5/pg.
Overdraft fee (per transaction)$32
Overdraft Protection sweep (transfer)$5
Personal money order$5
Returned Transaction fee *$32
Statement copy$5
Duplicate statements fee$3
Stop payment$30
Telephone transfer (non-automated)$3
Treasurer’s check$6
Wire transfers:
Incoming (non-customer)$25
Outgoing domestic$30
Outgoing international$60
Outgoing foreign currency$50
* Returned Transaction Fees: If an item drafted by you (such as a check), or a transaction you set up (such as a preauthorized transfer) is presented for payment in an amount more than the amount of funds available in your account, and we decide not to pay the item or transaction, you agree that we can charge you a Returned Transaction fee for returning the payment. Be aware that such an item or transaction may be presented multiple times and we do not monitor or control the number of times a transaction is presented for payment and may charge you a Returned Transaction fee or Overdraft fee (as applicable) each time a payment is presented if the funds available in your account are not sufficient to cover the payment.