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Personal Loans

Where do you want to go in life? To achieve your aspirations in life, a Union Bank mortgage lender will work with you and explore the loan options that best support your goals. We have a variety of secured and unsecured personal bank loans to put you on your own path to success.

Whether it’s a college education, a new home, a dream kitchen, a bigger car for a growing family, or debt consolidation, our personal loan options can help you make it happen.

Our commitment to individualized service means we offer specialized loans for your unique needs. We offer innovative personal financing options that range from mortgage loans for an existing house to build loans specifically for new construction, renovations, or additions.

There are plenty of personal loan companies to choose from, but how many have been consistently serving local communities across northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire for over 125 years? At Union Bank you’re more than a customer, you’re our neighbor. So we won’t try to sell you products you don’t need. Instead, we work with you to secure the right funding for your next big step. Stay local. Go Far.

Ready to start? Browse our personal loan options to learn more, check personal loan rates, and begin the application process.

Personal Loan Options


A mortgage is the most popular type of personal loan. We offer fixed and variable rates and a variety of affordable-housing and first-time homebuyer programs. In fact, Union Bank is a leading affordable housing lender in VT, and the bank more Vermonters choose for mortgage loans than any other bank. When it comes to possibly the biggest and most meaningful purchase of your life, trust one of the most experienced and highly regarded mortgage lenders in the northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire market.

Build Loans

Build Loans are user-friendly loans that can be used for new home construction, additions and renovations, or commercial buildings. We make it easy to finance construction projects. No more inspection-related delays. No need to get separate loans to buy land and build a house. Contractors get paid directly from your build loan account. This type of personal loan benefits homeowners, contractors, and realtors by eliminating common kinks in the new construction lending process.

Home Equities

You’ve invested time, money, and effort in your home. Now you can put the equity you’ve earned to help finance a child’s education, a home renovation project, or other important goals. A Home Equity Loan consists of regular monthly payments consisting of principal and interest. A Home Equity Line of Credit is there when you need it with an available balance you can use like cash for planned or unexpected expenses.

Specialty Real Estate

Specialty Real Estate Loans are available for buying land, doing construction or investing in real estate. We offer Land and Portfolio Loans to meet your real estate investment needs.

Installment Loans

Whether you need financing for a new vehicle, or you want to consolidate other debt, Union Bank’s Installment Loans include a variety of secured or unsecured loans to meet your needs and your budget. We also offer Personal Overdraft Protection Lines of Credit to cover temporary shortfalls in your checking account balance.

Visa Credit Card

Our Visa Credit cards offer competitive rates and peace of mind that comes with our commitment to security.