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Savings Accounts

Earn interest, keep your money safe and save for your future needs with a Union Bank savings account.

Account Overview

Personal Statement Savings

Personal Statement Savings accounts help you keep track of your progress toward your savings goals with monthly statements.

Passbook Savings

Passbook Savings offers a variable-tiered-interest rate that is compounded and credited quarterly, plus a passbook for those who prefer traditional recordkeeping.

Personal Money Market Accounts

Personal Money Market accounts reward your saving efforts with higher interest rates and checking options for maximum flexibility and liquidity.

Personal Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Personal CDs offer higher interest rates. Union Bank has a variety of flexible CD options to fit your needs.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

IRAs help you save for retirement, whether it’s in the near future or years away.

Specialty Savings

Specialty Savings accounts help you save for special occasions by letting you put away a little extra money toward the holidays, a special trip, or any other event.

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