Union Bank

Passbook Savings

Easy, secure, and all there in the palm of your hand, a Passbook Savings Account offers you peace of mind with variable-tiered interest rates to help you save even faster. We’ll keep track of each transaction you make and will update your passbook each time you bring it into the bank to make a withdrawal. Deposit in person or electronically via direct deposit at any time (even without your passbook), and watch your savings grow.

What is a Passbook Savings Account?

This type of savings account offers a competitive interest rate along with a physical notebook (the passbook) to track the flow of money into and out of your savings account.

Passbook Savings Accounts are great for teaching kids the ABCs of personal finance and saving.

Benefits of Passbook Savings Accounts

A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open an account, and the service fee is waived when you maintain a $200 minimum daily balance*.

*A $3.00 quarterly service fee applies for balances that fall below $200 (during the quarter).

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