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Save For Success: Early Savings For Secure Futures

Learn to embrace the importance of saving money

Union Bank partners with local grade schools to introduce young students to the principles of saving, how to effectively manage money, and the importance of investing money for a return.

Our Save For Success program began in 1995 at the Cambridge Elementary School in Cambridge, Vermont, and has since expanded across our branch communities in both Vermont and New Hampshire. It offers children wise money management skills that will benefit them throughout their life, and includes a Save For Success Statements Savings account, and a Certificate of Deposit (CD) account.


Save For Success Statement Savings Account

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Are you interested in volunteering and/or bringing this program to your school?

Union Bank is proud to offer the Save For Success program as a service to parents, teachers, and children in our local communities to support lifetime skills with sound money management. If you are interested in volunteering and/or bringing this program to your school, please contact:

Monica P. Wood

Save for Success Coordinator
[email protected]