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Secure Email

Secure Email

Email sent over the Internet is not secure.

For specific account issues and confidential matters, there are two ways to contact us through our secure email systems:
  1. Login to Online Banking and send us a message through the Secure Message tab.
  2. Use our Secure Email system (requires enrollment)

The Secure Message Center is a secure way to compose, receive, view, reply to and forward encrypted messages over the Internet. Messages are encrypted individually for each recipient and include a certified time stamp. These security measures ensure that no one except the intended recipient can read the message. Because every message is digitally signed, the recipient has irrefutable proof of the sender’s identity.

If you need to send us a secure email, please visit our Secure Message Center. After you have successfully registered and activated your password, you are ready to navigate the Secure Message Center using the tabs at the top of the page. If you already have the contact information for the individual you are trying to reach, simply enter their information in the “To:” field when you compose your message. If you do not yet have a specific contact, email us at [email protected] and we will forward your message to the appropriate recipient.

Please note: do not include account numbers, passwords, or any other personal financial information via email. Instructions, such as funds transfer requests, cannot be sent by email and will not be executed. Use of this system is limited to business purposes. Misuse or violation will be handled in accordance with appropriate security policies.