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Holiday Online Shopping Tips

As Cyber Monday and the season for online shopping quickly approaches, it’s worth taking a few moments to ensure you’re not giving the gift of your personal or financial information to online criminals! Identity theft, scams, frauds, and malware infections are serious problems that target shoppers during the holiday season and can arise from using your devices to find the perfect gift. Below, we will explore some key tips on how to follow safe online shopping practices in order to make your holiday purchasing more secure.

Create and maintain your online shopping accounts safely

Use different passwords on each of your online accounts.

If one retailer experiences a data breach in which your credentials are leaked, using the same password between accounts makes it quick and easy for criminals to exploit you and your information. If you have trouble remembering all your unique passwords, consider using a pattern for your password or a password manager.

Shop with trusted online retailers while browsing safely

Be smart when it comes to email confirmations and tracking information